4 January 2017

DUST - Live Session

We are so excited to share this beautiful live version of our song "Dust" with you. It's about starting anew and we hope your 2017 will be a new year full of music, love and most of all, peace. Tanti Auguri ! Our warmest thanks go to the very talented filmmaker Ardalan Aram/RAW Creation for creating this, and to the equally talented Jim Kroft, to Deko for the sound recording (with the help of our favourite mic)!

30 October 2016

... and again...

Another great concert last night at Studio Gezett in Berlin!!

Photography by Christoph Jackschies

2 October 2016

On the Road again...

What a nice mini-tour with a couple of roadies aged 5 and 6 this weekend. Thanks Leipzig and Meissen for being so welcoming!