16 December 2013


Thank you Italy!!
See you in 2014, for a new album and tour!!

9 November 2013


Edwina will be touring solo in Australia in February 2014. Confirmed dates (more coming):

River Music Nowra - Sun 16 February 2014 (support for the inspiring nomadic folk family The Hollands see video below)

Cobargo Folk Festival - Fri 21-Sat 22 - Sun 23 February 2014

Looking forward to playing at home for the first time!

4 November 2013


Check out our latest video - live from Cagliari for Balcony TV.
Register on the Balcony TV Website and vote for us!!!


or, if any problem with GEMA in Germany, here:


VOTE!!! please...

8 October 2013

16 September 2013

Karel Music Expo

We are proud to announce that we will be playing at KME in Cagliari!!! An important independent festival in Italy!

Here's the facebook page and the detailed programme
KME Cagliari - ITA 3-6 October 2013 

6 September 2013


We're going to play here, come along and enjoy the Italian Festival in Berlin!!

4 September 2013

2 August 2013

Primel-Trégastel Amitiés - French Tour!

A huge thank you to Primel-Trégastel Amitiés for their warm welcome at the Friday evening summer market where I played last week and for their very generous feature of Edwina & Deko's music on their website below!

Un GRAND MERCI !!!!!!!


1 August 2013

And E.D. also in Spain!

On air in Barcelona, for an italian radio. Here the link to the web and the podcast:


Nice and thank you Steven Forti, thank you Spain!!!

14 July 2013


Nice italian reviews... for those able to understand italian ;-) !

12 July 2013

another live version...

... again "Take me home"... a nice version, live in Arcanoa a few days ago...

30 June 2013

Live at NBI Berlin

Here we are playing at NBI's open mic night this week:

Take me home:

And Leo:

16 June 2013

SUNDAY @ Aspettando Filippo

A nice live version, we think, of our song "Sunday", performed at Aspettando Filippo in Friedrichshain Berlin.
Thanks to Gianluca!!! Aspettando Filippo is a really amazing place in Berlin!!

27 May 2013


... a really nice interview of Edwina & Deko, more are coming soon!! and also... THE FIRST OFFICIAL VIDEO CLIP is almoust done!! Produced by Jean De Oliveira, we chose BERLIN as first video release...
Stay Tuned!!


8 May 2013

Upcoming gigs...

Back to Berlin!

19.5. Subtil, Berlin
7.6. Bar 111, Berlin
15.6. Aspettando Filippo, Berlin

more gigs soon...


A new italian review of our "Berlin Seasons" is online!


Enjoy it!

22 April 2013


Thanks to all of you, marvellous people, supporting us during our Tour in Italy!!! Grazie Italia!!!

1 April 2013

... making of BLACK FRIDAY

... a marvellous song by Edwina, with Deko's lap steel... "Berlin Seasons" is coming soon!!

24 March 2013

All acoustic concert at Soupanova

We had a great, albeit challenging concert last Thursday night at Soupanova in our own neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Recently we have opted to do away with the cables, amps and microphones in favour of all acoustic concerts. Not always a good idea when you find yourself competing with a raucous crowd celebrating a birthday and having downed a healthy dose of beer before the concert. Here we are performing "Take Me Home", taking the song to the audience to help them focus more on the music and less on the beer...

23 March 2013


The mix session was really hard... but we did it!! So, now, mastering... and... rock'n'roll with the new record!

20 March 2013

The making of...“Romeo”!

Clowning around in the studio, recording Edwina's song “Romeo”. It all looks like fun until Enrico walks out after the fifth take thinking we are never going to keep a straight face long enough to get it recorded. But we did it!

19 March 2013

The making of... “Berlin”!

Here is the first of our series of The making of... clips which take you with us into the studio so that you can share some of the experience of making the Berlin Sessions. We'd like our friends to be a part of this journey. Comments welcome! The first glimpse is of Deko's guitars on his song, Berlin.

17 March 2013

DEKO live!

What a nice surprise! Thanks to my friend Simone Buttazzi, co-author along with Gabriella Di Cagno of the fantastic guidebook Tutti a Berlino, perfect for Italians struggling to navigate German bureaucracy. This is part of my performance before the discussion with the audience about the book and what it means to be an Italian in Berlin. Thank you Simone!

Work in progress...

We are currently working on the graphics of our new CD "Berlin Sessions" with Vincenzo Mariella, our Berlin-based photographer and videographer. In true "Berlin" spirit, the packaging is going to be simple and handmade. Preview on its way. Watch this space...

16 March 2013

Nice concert!

Thanks to all our friends (known and unknown) who decided to join us for our concert at Laika in Berlin Neukölln last night! It was a great "Italian" atmosphere there, thanks to Ercole Gentile and the staff of the Italian online magazine Il Mitte, who asked us play at the first Mitte Nacht event. We love Berlin!

On Facebook...

In Studio...

So, we now have our Blog! This is where you can read all the news about our project "E.D.", Edwina & Deko (Edwina Dunn & Enrico Decolle). We have just spent three days recording in studio in Berlin and will soon be ready to release our joint CD, "Berlin Sessions". We plan to launch the CD on tour in Italy in April 2013.
It was an amazing experience and we would like to thank everyone who made it possible: Tobias Neugebauer for his fabulous sound and studio, Jacopo Vannini for his great ideas and support in production and Vincenzo Mariella for the photography.
Now it's time to mix and then...let's see, as Edwina always says ;-)
We are still on the road, of course, with our next concert on Thursday 21 March @ Soupanova, Berlin.

Stay tuned!